Megan McReid

Student - Animagus

  • Joined January 2018
  • Member of Gryffindor
  • 95 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


Origins: A small farm outside of Dublin, Ireland

Special Physical Features: Strong Irish accent, long red hair, big green eyes.

Personality: Goofy, hot-headed, easily angered, obnoxious.

Patrons: Two-headed Snake

Pets: An old brown and black (now with grey) Crup named Sherlock and a snow white Ferret named Nyx. Sherlock only has three legs, and is blind in his left eye, but he has an amazing sense of smell and is super friendly. Nyx is perfectly healthy, but attracted to shiny objects. She's a thief, and one that causes lots of mischief.

Wand: 12 2/3 Inches, Dark Cedar Wood, Phoenix Feather Core.

Natural Powers: Animagus

Extra Facts: Owns a small gold and red whistle she can use to "speak" with animals. She was supposed to be a Slytherin, like all her family, but she was instead sorted into Gryffindor, has a strange internal hatred for them for that reason. Her family breeds Crups, so she always has one at school. She is often called "carrot-top", but be wary, and don't make the mistake of letting her hear it. Last person who did it was almost eaten by rabbits.
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