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My name is Katie Bellamore, but I go by Kitty for short. I was thankfully not a hatstall, and I was quickly sorted into the amazing house of Slytherin! So far, my favorite classes are transfiguration and potions, although I love all of my classes. My honest opinion to my least favorite class is history of magic. (I think anyone could agree). I did particularly well in astronomy, but it defiantly wasn't my favorite. I am a half-blood and proud, and I don't look down or up to any blood status, it's nonsense in my opinion. How did I get into Slytherin if I don't discriminate, you ask? (sigh). WE. AREN'T. EVIL. Honestly, Slytherins are very ambitious, but not all ambition is evil. Ambition to succeed, ambition to do well in classes, what the heck, ambition to shove an entire pizza in your mouth on a dare! I don't know about you, but I think it's more evil to discriminate Slytherin's than how evil you think we are. Anyways, enough with my rant. My greatest strengths are defiantly my cunning and my resilience. You can through any situation at me and I'll succeed. My greatest weakness is something I wouldn't like to talk about, although I do have a few. Get to know me, and you might find out. After school, I would like to become an Auror because I would like to have a job where I'm always doing something exciting. I believe the most fascinating aspect of magic is the sheer abundance of things you can do with it. From healing, to killing, to almost everything in between, the possibilities are endless, and that's what I love about it. I usually use magic to do a little of each, although I do tend to help myself more than I help others. If i'm honest with myself, I really want to be successful in life. I want to have a family, and I want a few close friends to stick around with me for a lifetime. I do have an owl, who I am very fond of, and his name is Tico. He is very well behaved, and can peck if he gets angry. (I've learned from personal experience,unfortunately.) My family is very kind to me, but they were reluctant for we to enter the wizarding world. However, as I am here now, they did let me go after persuading them if was for my own benefit. I'm overjoyed to finally be joining Hogwarts.
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