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My name is Amber DragonHeart and I was sorted into the kind Hufflepuff house, I was sorted into this house of kind, light heated witches and wizards because I will always stick up for people rather than myself, I care about people and try to help when I can, and I also want everyone to feel happy around me! The decision was pretty quick it wasn't immediately but it didn't take at least three minutes, I think it took about 1 minute. I enjoy care of mythical creatures, for witch class i like the least, I really don't dislike any classes. I am a pureblood witch! I don't really think my blood status has effected my life besides from the fact that I am probably more trained than some witches and wizards that were half-blood or muggle owned. I was thankfully not in the UK when He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named took power. My greatest strength is probably my friends, if I didn't have them by my side I don't think I would know what to do, but when i do have them by my side I feel a lot more confident and encouraged. My greatest weakness is probably that I care about my friends and family over ANYTHING. I would give up everything just to keep my friends safe. I am looking to teach other small witches and wizards after I graduate! I would love to teach small wizards and witches about care of mythical creatures! I feel that the most fascinating thing about magic that you could create or conduct almost anything possible! If you really think about it that is really incredible! All I really want is for all my friends to get along and be happy, sometimes I just want all the words problems to end. I have a forest owl names ForestWind, sometimes he can be picky for what he eats and will beg me for attention and be a little punk, but overall he is really cute and a loyal owl. The interesting thing about my family is that we are all witches/wizards yet we all don't agree on everything... Another interesting thing about ,my family is that i have blue eyes and my mom and dad have dark brown eyes.

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