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<tt><font color=#990099><marquee>Hi and welcome to my backstory!</marquee>


<font color=#9999ff>I’m Addison Finley Clarke</font>

<font color=#1ac6ff>Birthday: March 8 2002
Rp Age: 18
Gender: Female
Status: Single
Appearance: light brown hair and blue eyes
Height: 5’5
House: Ravenclaw
Patronus: Dolphin
Sport: Soccer

Personality: funny, smart, athletic, very kind and almost always gives second chances!

Fun fact: I almost always have paint on my hands ;))</font>

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In most rps I work at a diner ;))

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Feel free to post on my wall whenever!

<font color=#ff4dd2>Nicknames:
Addi (common)
Pineapple (Edalyn)
Kangaroo (Jace)
Adidas (Rhianna)
Di Di (Rhianna)
Sunny (Isaiah)
Sunday (Weilan)
Adds (Zeke)
Best Friends:
1. Felicia Marie (11-26-16)
2.❤️Edalyn Grace❤️ (2-3-18)
3. Jace (2-3-18)
4. Zeke (4-22-19)
5. Callum (6-21-19)

<font color=#ff6100>Roleplay-

- I don’t care if it’s first or third person you do you. I normally do first.
- Try to have good grammar, I understand misspellings.
- PLEASE try to keep the roleplay interesting or I will leave it or stop responding.
- I’m sorry but I can’t do depressing roleplays; it makes me feel too sad haha.
- It doesn’t matter to me if the roleplay is Harry Potter related or not.
- I prefer a modern hogwarts, if we are doing a Harry Potter roleplay; if it’s not let me know at the top of the post!
- If you have to cuss, only mildly please.
-PLEASE DON’T DO ONE LINERS. It drives me crazy.
Friend Dedication-

Fellie- SISTA I love ya so much girlie, thanks for always being there for me!

Edalyn- AHH ILYSM BIRTHDAY BUDDY! Hahah Selection all the way!


Zeke- ur pretty cool ((:

Callum- my lil british boy, lets take that trip to the UK sometime okay?

<font color=#0044cc>Fandoms-
-Harry Potter
-Percy Jackson
-Hunger Games
-The Selection
-Heroes of Olympus
-Parks + Recreation
-The Office
-Stranger Things
-Nancy Drew
-Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
-Gilmore Girls
-Jack & Gab
- Sam & Colby
-Dear Greyson
-Ally Hardesty
1. Indigo Arcee (2-2-18)
2. Adeline Rose (2-2-18)
3. Rhianna Kalcon (2-3-18)
4. Isaiah Blaire (2-3-18)
5. Anthony Williams (2-9-18)
6. Harvey (2-11-18)
7. River Melody (2-12-18)
8. Zinnia Cooper (4-3-18)
9. Summer Davis (4-5-18)
10. Kacey (4-7-18)
11. Sadie (10-8-18)
12. Liam Stone (11-22-18)
13. Kassidy/Onyx (12-7-18)
14. Weilan (4-19-19)
15. Nicholas Jones (8-18-19)
16. Chase Cannen (8-22-19)
17. Galileo (4-4-20)

Felicia and I <3

Edalyn and I <3

Jace and I <3

Zeke and I <3

Callum and I <3
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