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I enjoy roleplaying series aside from Potter as well, I'm also not opposed to roleplaying with canon characters instead of OCs.

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I have two characters, identical twins, Jasper and Carson Black. They are 5'10", have light blue eyes, dark brown slicked back hair and light-medium coloured skin but can tan and get very dark very easily. Jasper has a more strong athletic build while Carson is more lean and athletic. Jasper is right-handed while Carson is left-handed.

Jasper is the elder of the two twins and was sorted into Ravenclaw much to their guardian’s dismay. He is very quiet and reserved, almost completely devoid of any emotion. He only speaks when spoken to and is quite cold and cynical. He only really opens up and shows his humanity when around his brother Carson or their cousin Draco Malfoy. He’s very protective of the two and tries his best to keep Draco from being a jerk to others. Jasper’s not really the romantic type and quite frankly doesn’t care for relationships of any kind. The only friend he’s made that’s not a family member is Luna Lovegood, who is one year below him. He find’s the invisible creatures she talks about very interesting, plus she’s good at reading him and knows when it’s a good time to strike up a conversation or when she should just steer clear of the boy. He puts his academics first and is not up for dating of any kind… Ever. Unfortunately due to his good looks and mysterious nature he is a magnet for most of the witches and wizards at Hogwarts. He is a true Ravenclaw; top of his classes (even gives Hermione a run for her money), always seems to have a book, always exceeds expectations for assignments… He is the beater for his house Quidditch team and bloody good at what he does. For a while, he was a seeker but prefers his current position.

Carson is quite the opposite of his older brother, for one he is a Slytherin which their guardian was very happy about. He is also very out there, loud, flirty and a very funny guy. He is a very sweet and loyal person, much like his brother under that hard exterior of his. He is also quite protective over Draco, their guardian made sure of that when raising them. Carson likes to tease Draco though, insisting that he “hates” Potter so much because he has a thing for him. It’s all in good fun though. Much like his brother he is very popular with the ladies and lads, though he leans more towards the lads when it comes down to it. He is also an excellent student, right up there with his brother when it comes to grades. He plays with their cousin Draco on the Slytherin Quidditch team as a beater just like his brother, what better way to protect Draco than to keep him from being bludgeoned? Sometimes he’ll mess around, much to Jasper’s annoyance, and put on his brother’s robes and pretend to be him.

Their guardian is none other than the head of Slytherin, Severus Snape. Since he was appointed their godfather they went into his custody after their parents could no longer take care of them. He raised the boys and trained them in the magical arts ever since they could hold a wand. It was discovered that when they held a wand together, their power was incomparable. Snape decided to start training them together like this but made sure to keep it a secret, he told them to do the same. By the time they were old enough to go to Hogwarts, the two were well versed in the magical arts, this made school very easy for them. Though Severus was disappointed that Jasper was placed in Ravenclaw, he was still proud of what a great and powerful young wizard he was. Since Snape is Draco’s godfather, this is why he groomed the twins to act as bodyguards for the only Malfoy heir.

Be wary, these two have dark things hidden behind their charming good looks and impressive intellect. Very dark.

((If you intend to have your character(s) get to fully know my twins and try to unearth their past I suggest asking me about their parents first. For reasons I keep their parents out of their bio and more as something that my roleplay partners and their characters can find out about down the line. However, I understand that not everyone would like my twins' family life and don't feel comfortable roleplaying with such characters. If this is the case I can simply change who their parents are for that specific roleplay or we simply don't have to go into their family life at all.))
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