Madelyn Elizabeth Ellador


I play Quidditch as an Official Gryffindor Sub-Team Chaser, and I enjoy all courses, while favoring Herbology, DADA, and Charms.

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As a very proud Gryffindor, I Madelyn Elizabeth Ellador gave the Sorting Hat an easy job, as every other member of my family line has been in the house of the brave, Gryffindor.

So far I have throughly enjoyed attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and know I will continue to in the years to come. My personal favorite class is Charms, but I also love to attend History of Magic (I know, I know) and Potions. While I know that I stated before that I gave the Sorting Hat a very easy job of putting me in Gryffindor house, I always thought there was a chance that I’d be put in Ravenclaw because I’ve managed to attend every main course except one, Magical Cookery.

I myself am indeed from the United States and continue to live there during the holidays though my family does not love the fact that for over half the year I live in a different country than them. Beyond that, although living in the United States, both of my parents are magical, making me a pure-blood. Being this was not much affected me in the Witchcraft world, but I do believe that Muggle-Borns should have the same rights as Pure-Bloods.

After I graduate from Hogwarts, I wish to get married, and then do one of two things. The first being to work at the Ministry of Magic in one the offices regarding equal rights for all magical folk. While the other is being a professor at Hogwarts hopefully teaching Charms, HOM, Potions, or DATDA.

As only being 12 while writing I was not born in time for the horror of Voldemort or either of his uprisings, but have heard many stories from my parents, who were in town for both.

In summary I am a proud Gryffindor with a knack for classes taking almost every one in the book. While Charms, HOM and Potions are some of my favorite classes, I enjoy attending them all. I am a Pure-Blood who wants equal rights for all Witchcraft and Wizarding folk and am willing to take working in the Ministry for equal rights as a occupation, along with being a professor here at Hogwarts.

Continuing in summary, my family lives in America where they still live to this day and while they live there now, they were unfortunately in the UK for both of the Dark Lord’s uprisings, giving me plenty of exposure to them. Overall I think my life is a great one, and wouldn’t want to change it for anything.

All the Best,
Madelyn Elizabeth Ellador
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