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Hi I'm Savanna Potter, daughter of Albus Severus Potter and Adelena Delacour. I am a first year and a member of the House of Brave, Gryffindor

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I am a Gryffindor student, a half-blood. I came to Hogwarts and my parents were so proud for my entry in Gryffindor. I am currently a First Year.

When I first came to Hogwarts, I gave the Sorting Hat an easy job, as my dad's side of the family has always been Gryffindor. My mom is muggle-born, so she was very excited when I got the opportunity to become a witch and not an ordinary human.

After I graduate from Hogwarts, I want to work on my career. There are many things I want to be. The first being to work at the Ministry of Magic in one the offices regarding equal rights for all magical folk. While the other is being a professor at Hogwarts hopefully teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts.

As only being 12 while writing I was not born in time for the horror of Voldemort or either of his uprisings, but have heard many stories from my dad because of my Grandfather Harry.

So far I have enjoyed attending Hogwarts, and know I will continue to in the years to come. My personal favorite class is Defense Against the Dark Arts, but I also love to attend Charms.

In summary I am a proud Gryffindor with a bit of laziness. I have only taken 4 classes. I am a Half-Blood who wants equal rights for all Witchcraft and Wizarding folk and am willing to take working in the Ministry for equal rights as a occupation, along with being a professor here at Hogwarts.

Continuing in summary, my family lives in Ireland where they still live to this day.

That's all I have today, folks. I will continue to update my story as I progress through the years.

Savanna Potter
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