Violet Akiari


"Flocci non faccio" // I don't give a damn.

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Bow down to me, peasants.

Violet / Female / Straight / Single ;

Violet has always been a strong willed and stubborn girl. She believes in strength and courage, and finds those who melt down to be weak. Many would describe her as "damned," "rude," "unlikely to get anywhere in life," and other, not benevolent things, but she is in fact just a girl who's trying to survive. She hides behind layers and layers of sarcasm, as well as nasty comments, so that others won't see the mess that she is inside.

You were dead the moment you underestimated me.

19 / March 20th / 5"7 / 110 pounds ;

For someone with such a dark mind, Violet is ironically soft looking. She has gleaming brown hair - golden in the sun - which drops down to her thin waist. Her eyes are rich brown and inviting, doe-shaped and soft. If you were to look at the warm brown skin of the girl, you wouldn't find a shred of imperfection. You could say that her appearance lures you in before her words trap you to her.

I lost my mind at the age of three

gryffindor (h.) / wampus (i.) / eagle (pat.) / ladybug (ani.) / killing her loved ones (bog.)

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