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1. No asterisks
2. Owl when you cannot continue anymore. I will do the same.
3. Grammar at least B2
4. Abbreviations, clippings, emoticons are allowed as long it is not excessive
5. No GodMod, Mary/Gary Sue, self-harm and "gory" triggering roleplaying.
6. No need of near accuracy, just be consistent with which AUs, and settings it takes place.
Bid it and we can have a good roleplaying without cringring there and there


<small> (How Tanis looks like) </small>
Name: (formerly) Piotr Callas (now)Tanis Avramidou
Also Known As: Tanya, Tania, Tats
Titles: Heir of Slytherin
Age: 16
Birthday: 31th December
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Nationality: Britain and Greek
Species: Pureblood and Banshee
Blood Type: B
Sex: Male
Gender: Nonbinary
Pronouns: They/Theirs
Orientation: Asexual
Past/Bio: As the last non-Gaunt Slytherin descendant, Tanis is ready to welcome the Britain magical. They won't know that the storm is coming.

About Them
Personality: Cynical, Apathic to certain people with certain quirks, Witty, Funny with dark humour.
Occupation: Student
- Snakes
- Forests
- Rituals and pagan holidays
- Fashion
- Wine
- Egoistical bunch of unreliable busybodies
- Voldemort, because he is definetely not Slytherin enough to win despite being the descendant of Slytherin
- Harry Potter, because I am sick with their drama and just want a semblance of peace
- Prejudices
- Someone dirtied my collections
Hobbies: Collecting some trinkets and valuables, shopping, travelling, spell making
Fears: Badger. They are vicous, I tell you !
Strength: Wandless magic
Weakness: Wordless magic and Soul magic
Talents: Parseltongue and wandless magic

Height: 6'
Cup Size: seriously ?
Skin Tone: Pale
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Description:
- Color: Dark green
- Highlights:Green and grey
- Length:Past shoulder length
- Style: Straight
- Worn: Braided, buns, or keep it just like that
- Scars: Hip, Palm, shoulder
- Piercings: nope
- Tattoos: A rune in my back
- Facial Features: Aristocratic and slightly serpentine
- Scent: Rain and honeydew
- Other: nothing to add so far


<small> (How Tanis' parents looks like)</small>
Father: Herakles Avramidis
Mother: Sylvania Slytherin
Siblings: -
Relatives: -
Family Line of Work: Healer
Family Background: don't want to elaborate more
Best Friends: Llyod Grey. I perfectly sure you didn't copy my backstory so no apologies needed. And please change the picture in your bs. I am nowhere alike like ... that
Friends: Evanora, my dear very distant cousin turned close friend who always annoy me to end no matter what app I use. No wonder I always avoid you, dear.
Love Interest: not yet
Enemies: not yet and no way

School: Hogwarts
House: Slytherin
Best Core Class: Charm
Worst Core Class: Potion
Elective: Ancient Runes
Quidditch: -
Extra-Curricular: not yet


- Length:14'
- Flexibility: rigid unyielding
- Wood: yew
- Core: thestral hair
Pets: a belcher's sea snake named Antioch, as inside joke of my family
Boggart: never encounter one so don't know yet
Animagus/Patronus: never tries so never knew
Amortentia: never experience one so nope dunno

Home Town: Athens
Residence: Scotland
Loyalty: Dark sect
Organizations: Faerann, The Bloodline Resurrection Clan.

Extra Information
Quotes: "It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” –Chamber of Secrets
Theme Song: Les Mis- Do you Hear The People Sing
Food: Pie
Drink: Wine
Color: Pastels or dark colours
Animal: Snake, Owl, Dog, Ape
Flower: Algernon
Season: Winter and Autumn

Faerann Character Information

<small>(How Iaurphen looks like</small>
Bio under reconstruction
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