Maël Rayan Alexandre Léon

Pro Quidditch Beater, Student

Badgers and Bats. Bludgers and Belles. Talk Quidditch to me.

  • Joined February 2018
  • Member of Hufflepuff
  • 234 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • France


Basic Information
Name: Maël Rayan Alexandre Léon
Call me Rayan. Cos you can't pronounce Maël
Age: 15 - 17 (RP Basis)
Birthplace: Marseille, France
Blood Status: Halfblood
Abilities: Metamorphmagus
House: Hufflepuff

School Attending: Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry
Year: 5th - 7th year Student
Position in Hogwarts: Hufflepuff Prefect, Quidditch Beater
Position outside Hogwarts: Ballycastle Bats Youth Beater
Favourite Subject: Transfiguration
Least favourite subject: History of Magic (I need help .¬.)

Wand: Larch, Dragon heartstring, 12 inches, Surprisingly Swishy Flexibility
Pet: Hermes, a snow owl
Patronus: White Mare (My mother's)

Background Information
I was meant to go to Beauxbatons being born to a French wizard and English witch and metamorphmagus. But unlike my father, after his death and my mother's remarriage relocating us to the UK, I was set for Hogwarts. Being devastated as I'd be away from my friends and family, the only silver lining was Quidditch. It was a love and passion of my father and I and after attending the 2006 World Cup final with him I was ready to achieve our dream of being a professional player. My mother discouraged me from trying out in my first year so I'd settle better in the new country and new family, I begrudgingly conceded. After making the team as Beater in my second year, my focus was set on achieving my dreams. By my fifth year I had persuaded the head of House to send recommendations to a couple teams of my choice in the B&I League. They did one better and sent a letter to the French Quidditch Association. I was overjoyed when I got a trial call up from the Falmouth Falcons and my favourite team, the Ballycastle Bats. I got signed up for the Bats as a youth with my mother, stepfather and head of house present. Was almost pissing myself with elation. I made prefect and got placed in the French national pool. My life was made.

RP Info and Rules
I'm very open minded and adaptable to all characters and plot lines.
Very much dislike going against canon timelines and characters set by the author, so will most likely avoid starting a rp with John Riddle, Voldemort's son or Emily Potter, Harry's daughter if we're doing HP.
Being too extraordinary is no. We all base our life and worlds on created facts. Don't try to stray too much like being an alpha animagus and being able to turn into five animals. It's possible - wizarding world afterall - but unheard of hence I cannot relate and will avoid.
First person preferably. Third person seems like you're talking about someone else in the room.
No God mode of course and the other important stuff I'm not bothered to mention that you already know about :-D
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