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"We all have inner beasts."

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Full Name: Danea Floral Willows
Age: 14
Birthday: September 11
Sexuality: Staright
Family: Father - Davidson Willows, Mother - Rav Willows, Little Sister - Eren Willows
Hair Color: Brown fading to blonde
Eye color: changes from brown to hazel to green
Skin color: tanned
Height: 5'5
Blood status: muggle born
Best friend: Samuel Carter
Other Random Information
Favorite Color: blue lavender
Hobbies: listening to music, writing, baking
Favorite Animal: Siberian lynx
I come from a, well I don't want to say poor so I will say non wealthy, family. We've always had just enough money to carry on with our lives. My sister Eren and I have always learned to be thankful for what we have. But do you ever get the feeling that you just want more? I see filthy rich people everywhere, just watching my kind suffer, laughing at us. That's not how the world should be. I've hurt people who go and do things like that, to show them we aren't weak. Over the years I've developed a very short temper with people. Everyone in my family has at least two jobs to keep us going. But over the school months, I have to leave my family to go to Hogwarts. This is when Eren has to step up. She may only be eleven but she is one of the strongest people I know. I met my best friend Samuel at Hogwarts but other than having him there, it's pretty dreadful. My short temper has made it so I resort to hurting people when they get on my nerves. As soon as I do it though, I feel awful. I put my self in detention sometimes. Other students have started to fear me, but I'm trying I promise, to be better. Do better. Sam is there for me and tries to keep me in shape. I guess I'll just have to see how the rest of life goes....

!Super Secret!
Crush: Uriah Talylors
Uriah Info
House: Ravenclaw
Hair color: black
Eye color: green
Skin color: a chustnuty color :D

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