Crimson Kobari



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  • Member of Ravenclaw
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  • 1st Year
  • United States


Name: Crimson Kobari
Blood-status: Muggle-born
Sexuality: bisexual
Family: mother-Himeji Kobari, father- Johnathen Kobari
Heigth: 5’7
Favorite animal:Cat
Favorite food:rice balls
Favorite music genre:broadway and classical
Favorite color: crimson
I come from a wealthy Muggle family. My father owns a chain of hotels across Japan, so he’s usually, almost always, away on business trips. My mother is a surgeon, so she is usually at work. I’m an only child, so I never really grew up with any support from family, when makes me pretty self-reliant. You might think that I’m lucky to at least live in a nice house, or have nice clothes, ect., trust me, I’m very grateful, but sometimes I’d rather be living in a small cramped flat, and have a family that loved me. I know deep down that my parents love me, but they’re always gone, and they are never home. When they are, they don’t hug me, or give me kisses and stuff, they just sit in their offices doing work. When I got my acceptance letter to Hogwsrts, my parents were actually shocked. Since we were Mughles, they had no idea what was going on. I finally convinced them to let me attend, as long as I would get high grades. The maids send me little packets of worksheets for me to complete each mail day. Appearently it’s to make up all the work I miss out on while I’m at Hogwarts. They include math, English, and science work. Even though I’m attending Hogwarts, I want a Muggle job, because the jobs a wizard or witch can have in the wizard of world don’t interest me. I don’t have any friends here at Hogwarts, but that’s fine, because I get more time to complete my homework from all my classes. I hope people aren’t avoiding me because I’m wealthy, because I’m not one of those spoiled rich girls. Just because I’m privileged it doesn’t mean that I think I’m better than everyone else. I’m actually jealous of a lot of kids, because they all have warm, loving families that send them nice letters on delivery day, unlike mine,who don’t send me any sweet letters. I’m hoping to make some friends here, because I’m getting kind of lonely.
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