Ella Vivienne LeBlanc


"It is our choices, far more than our abilities, that show who we truly are." -Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

  • Joined March 2018
  • Member of Hufflepuff
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Name: Ella or Ella Vivienne

Nicknames: Viv, Vivy, Bella

Age: Depends

Blood status: Half-blood

Patronus: jackalope

Wand: Pearwood, 11 1/4”, White River Monster Spine core, Slightly Springy flexibility

Quidditch position: keeper

Siblings: Older brother Leo who is beater on American national team, older sister Julienne, little sister Venia

Parents: Amèlie Black Videl, Marc Lestrange LeBlanc

Parents jobs: Mother studies magical creatures, father is Ministry worker (an Unspeakable).

Pets: Bowtruckle named Sticky, Niffler named Custard,

Quidditch team: Holyhead Harpies

Future job: Potions Researcher

Favorite subjects: Potions, CoMC

Favorite activities: painting, making potions, drawing, Quidditch

Personality: funny, shy, energetic, kind, friendly, bookworm

Looks: long, straight red hair, bright green eyes, pale skin, 5' 8"

Relationship status/sexuality: I'm a single pringle who will never mingle. And I'm Pan of that doesn't already put you off.

Best friend: Rosely and Vivienne Rose. (Love ya Rosy!)

I've always been shunned for having death eater parents. To be clear, only my dad is a death eater. My mom isn't, never has been, and never will be. But she's related to the Blacks, so people just assume she's on the dark side. My dad refused to send me to muggle school, so I went to an academy for young witches before I came to Hogwarts. It didn't help that all I liked to do was read and draw and listen to music, instead of gossiping and giggling with them. I was not surprised when I was sorted into Hufflepuff, because my mom was a Hufflepuff and a Pukwudgie, as she moved to Great Britain in her third year from America. My dad had been a Ravenclaw, not a Slytherin despite what most people assume. It's not just the Slytherins who are bad, okay?


Husband: Dominique Weasley

Children: Julie LeBlanc Weasley, Audrey LeBlanc Weasley, Phillipe LeBlanc Weasley
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