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☾i n f o☽
name: harper victoire w. black
age: 16
house: ravenclaw
wand: 13" elder wood, pheonix feather core and slightly springy flexibility (decorated with a ruby gemstone on the top, with gold, swirling details.
blood status: pureblood
animagus?: currently (and secretly) learning how to be one.
patronus: lion

on may 2nd. 2002, elizabeth ann weasley gave birth to her and husband dominic black's first child, harper victoire weasley-black, in their newly finished weasley-black manor in england.
growing up, harper would be always taught about the importance of equality by her parents; telling her to do what was right and not what was wrong. let's just say harper grew up in a very loving yet crazy household.
during summer, her cousins (which consists of mainly boys) would visit her and teach her quidditch. which often led to her crying as a bludger knocked her off her broom.
we could also say she was quite a spoiled child, obviously because of how expensive her broom was, or how well crafted her wand was... but the riches didn't drowned harper's mind and continued to be humble.
on may 2nd of 2013 was the date where harper got her first hogwarts letter (and that letter being ripped to shreds by her baby brother sirius), and was the date where her adventures as hogwarts will start.

☾f a c t s☽
- she is loud, and very extroverted. with her muggle friends back at home.
- but she is cold and uninviting whenever she goes to hogwarts and stuff.
- she's in a muggle rock band. nobody knows how she ended in a muggle rock band.
- she's been playing the guitar since young.
- v. spoiled
- harper wants to be a professional quidditch player someday
- often plays as beater
- her cousins call her 'bludger queen'
- she once caught a bludger with her own bare hand, and threw it to her cousin.
- she is often surrounded by boys; it is bound for her to have a boyish personality
- many would stare at her because of her parents; who were from the black and weasley families respectively.

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