Llyod Grey

Modern Day Siren

《《 Foodie and a friendly fish you won't find anywhere》》

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"Mortals are amusing in their own way. I like to observe them and learn what I won't find in my kin"</TABLE>
<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left"><big> B A S I C I N F O</big>
Name : Llyod Grey
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Birthdate: 7th September
Birthplace: Bermuda Triangle
Race: Siren


Height: Wanna guess ?
Weight: Wanna guess ?
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Skin: Tan
Face Claim : Mariano Di Vaio

Family: Deceased
Occupation: Freelancer Writer
Blood Type: O
Allergies: Beef
Special Abilities: Water element
The element that your abilities harness: Water and wind
Education: Ilvermorny
Faith/Religion: Do I have one ?
Heritage: Siren

<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left"><big>W H O A M I </big>
Hobbies: Singing, swimming, went to gym, playing american football
Weakness(es): excessive hot weather and crowds
Where you live: Bermuda Triangle (used to) Miami (now)
Your best means of transportation: I have a car
Favorite Food: Paella and Poulet Basquaise
Favorite Music: Pop and classical

Animal: Seahorse (used to) and Cat (now)
Color: Aquamarine
Your style: Simple
Demeanor: Gentleman and polite
Relationship status: Single
Stature: Tall and built
Pets: Cats
Motto: Treat others like you treat someone you owe your life to

Knight or Damsel?: Knight
Greatest Love: didn't have the pleassure to experience it yet
Love or Money: Love
Dream Girl/Guy: Simple and funny
TV?(If yes, what do you watch?): netflix and BBC and NBc shows
Most Prized Possessions: my car key
Biggest Dislike: crowds
Favorite Shape(?): oval
Flower: forget-me-not
Smell: Anything other than burnt coals and musk
Flavor: salty or bittersweet
Drink: Wine
Meal: Paella and Poulet Basquaise
Place to be: somewhere quiet
Song: Charlie Puth – How Long

Subject in School: Physic
Worst way to die: Roasted like a chicken and served around uneaten. Especially uneaten.
Best way to die: bask in the moonlight under the sea, welcomed by my deceased brothers and sisters
Phobias: Fire
Inspiration: Didn’t have inspiring figure at the moment
Regret: I lost a lot and miss a lot
One wish: I wish to find my lost things
One thing to change in the past?: My bad life choices
Day or night: Night. It is chiller
Weapon of Choice: Spear and pocket knife
Worst Enemy: Animal abuser
Travel where: Mostly around America
Goal in life: Travel around the world

What’s in your room?: My workshop and more practical furniture with less decorations
First thing you notice about people?: Their speech pattern
First thing they notice about you?: My facial hair, funnily enough
War/Peace?: Peace. I am 100% Pacifist
Envy: Ungrateful bastards
What keeps you going: Experience the world more. It is large and yet to be explored properly
Care about all the time: Yes
Worst Deadly Sin: Greed
Best known for: My facial hair
Urban or Rural?: Both
<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left"> <big>F R I E N D S</big>

To my platonic soulmate, Tanis
You are truly a gift of God. Sorry for copying your backstory elements.
My brother and sister but blood. The twins Briona and Brionic
Thank you for introducing me to this site

<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left"> <big>T H I N G S T O K N O W</big>
∞ I am not into roleplays outside private owls.
∞ I only do some courses and join some groups.
∞ I am looking for friends
∞ I prefer owls more, as I already implied above
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