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Face Claim: Matthew Clavane

"You don't have to be straight with me, i see what's underneath your mask."

Tegen Walker is Slytherdorpuff. Tegen is three-quarters Latino, a quarter argentinian. He's a gay guy, Usually a grey shirt, red and black plaid shirt tied around his waist, tight black jeans and some random-ass black shoes. He has lilac hair down to the tips of his shoulders usually tied in a bun. He has bright blue eyes. He is 5". His personality: Kinda giggly, but gets bitchy really easily. He can hold a grudge for quite a while too. He has an extremely small waist, making his hips and the areas near wide. Like an hourglass figure, but an even smaller waist. He also has very plump lips. He is 19. Very feminine. Quite light weight wise. He currently resides at the Alaska Institute. He's really susceptible to manipulation/dominance.
He loves Arak. (Extremely strong Arabic alcohol.) He often doesn't get taken seriously because of his height.

Tegen gets a cold when he's sad, or anything on that spectrum. He turns sensitive, becomes a total softie.


It's obvious, but Tegen has to wear female jeans because of his body shape. Not that Tegen is complaining. He usually has the outfit tightened so it fits his waist perfectly.

Grey long sleeved oversized shirt, ripped black jeans, plaid shirt around his waist.

A crème regular sized hoodie with the words
"I will not smoke weed in class" in all caps.

This is not all of his outfits, pictures of the above ones and the rest of his are here: https://imgur.com/a/BNLtN

(Yes, i realize there is uniform. He may wear uniform some ways. I will specify what he wears.)
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