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☆ Gender: Female

☆ Sexuality: Bisexual

☆ Blood Status: Pureblood
A shy Ravenclaw girl in a cruel Slytherin family. Who knew?

☆ Parents:

Grace Marcus

James Marcus

Everything Else


She has

blue eyes and brown hair


☆ Hogwarts Choir As she strolled down the hallway to Potions she heard something splendid. It was the sound of singing. It called to her in a strange way. Like, she was meant to be there singing along with a bright smile adorning her face too. Maybe the way she could communicate was singing. It didn't sound so bad.

☆ 5th Year Although her parents had bribed her with jewelry and fake sympathy, she was still upset with them for not attending her birthday gathering at Hogsmeade. They always through a huge celebration for Jacob. But never for her. They claimed she would have it at Hogwarts anyway. May 27th was a normal day, except for Hogsmeade. So a smile was on her lips as she blew out her candles. Even if that smile wasn't real.

☆ Patronus: Bunny As the girl whispered the desired spell she thought of all her happy thoughts, the library, choir, her select group of friends were on her mind. She felt a surge of energy as a gleeful bunny danced around her. It was so graceful and happy. She was so amazed at her accomplishment. She wanted to sing.

House: Ravenclaw As she walked up to the stool she felt all eyes on her. The ones dressed in a friendly yellow were laughing with each other. She smiled, maybe they would make good friends. She directed her attention to the people in a handsome maroon. They were goofing off and playing pranks on each other. They looked like they were having the time of their lives. Then there were those clad in blue. It was a mix, some were staring intently into books, others were talking with their friends. Others were having a fierce conversation with their friends on how they got the question wrong. Then, at last, clad in green were the Slytherins. Her parents told her to make connections with them. Though the ones they wanted her to make connections with, didn't seem friendly. It was only a small group. Not everyone was as cold and cruel as they were. They seemed like the other houses, ambitious yes, but not always mean. Her heart was beating as she sat down on the cold wooden stool. As they placed the old worn hat on her head it didn't calm her nerves so just to make sure she added very quietly, "Please not Slytherin." And almost as if she eliminated the second choice, the hat boomed, "RAVENCLAW!" She smiled sheepishly hopping off the stool and sitting next to a shy girl who appeared to be in the first year too.

Marcus Manor

At the end of her third year, Madeline was exhausted. She had vigorously stressed herself out with school work and continuously following the rules. She refused to believe in forgiveness, but that was partly her parent's fault.They never forgave her when she didn't answer an owl back in a week, even though Jacob just didn't write them at all. She loved her parents with all of her heart and yet when her letter came, they seemed oblivious to it. The house elves always escorted her to the train station as her mother and father were too busy escorting Jacob to Durmstrang Institute. They never paid attention to her, which she never minded. Madeline wasn't a big fan of attention anyways. But this time, she wished her parents were there. There to tell her how well she did. There to tell her that they were proud of her. But they never came. Not once, so why did she expect it now? That was one question she couldn't ever answer. But now as the house elves scurried back to work, she went upstairs to her room and closed the door. Her back was up against the door as she sunk down to the floor. She felt the tears ready to flow down her face, so she covered her face up with her hands and cried. She only wished for her parents, but what would they do?

Snow White,

How brave and pure.

With Snow White feathers

and Ebony Wood claws.

Have you ever seen anything so fair?

✧ Roleplaying Rules ✧

✧ No asterisks

✧ No godmodding

✧ Please try and keep it realistic, most of the roleplaying I do will most likely be at Hogwarts.

✧ Grammar, please!

✧ The third person is preferable.

✧ Punctation, Capitalisation, Spelling, the works.
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