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My Mum and My Dad lived in France. I used to go to Beauxbatons. We were kinda rich. But then my dad started drinking and gambling. Then my mother found out he was a Death Eater. So my mother took me and we left. My Mum is currently in a legal battle for our vacation home here, to live in. I know we are going to win. I try to be friends with people from all houses! Even the Slytherins. My closest friends are Harry, Ron, and Hermione. My aspiration is to become an Auror. I am a Metamorphamagus.

Patronus: Wolf.

Animagus: Currently none.

Wand: Larch wood with dragon heartstring. 10 1/4" with a surprisingly swishy flexibility

House: Ravenclaw.

Hair: Usually long curly

Eyes: Icy blue. I also have freckles around my nose.

Gender: Female.

Blood status: Pureblood with traces of veela. My grandpa was a werewolf.

Fave song: I See Fire by Ed Sheeran.

Fave color: Cyan.

BF: Draco Malfoy. (But I don't believe in the whole. pureblood thing)


Nicknames: Draco calls me Lulu sometimes.

Au Revoir!
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