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When the Hogwarts year started just a bit over 6 months ago, I was thinking i'd be in Hufflepuff, somewhere I had heard my great, great, i don't know how many great's, grandmother had been in Hufflepuff. Strangely, my parents are muggles, and I had never heard of this school until the letter. That's beside the point, and anyways, when I stepped onto that platform, I knew my house would be a twist!

"Farrah Vagues." Headmistress McGonagall called and I stepped up onto the platform, legs wobbling. I sat down and winced as the Sorting Hat was placed onto my head. "Hmm.." A voice suddenly intruded into my head. "You think your going to be in Hufflepuff 'ey?" A gulped and nodded, "Ye, I could put ye in their I could.." He contemplated for a moment. "Not Slytherin? You'd fit well though." He paused dramatically, "Sl-" He started in my mind, "RAVENCLAW!!" He shouted aloud and the hat was lifted away and I stood, making my way over to the loudly cheering Ravenclaw table.


So, here I am now. I am absolutely in love with Heerbolagy! It's a bit hard though. Everyone thinks your snooty about your abillities and thinks you should be far ahead. No one ever said being a Ravenclaw would be easy though!!
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