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Yeah I wish I'd been I wish I'd been, a teen, teen idle Wish I'd been a prom queen, fighting for the title Instead of being 16 and burning up a bible

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(Warning: Mentions of death, and some twisted humor, a bit dark, but more emotionally than physically)

Nirvana Valdis Riddle, or Valdis as she preferred did not have a rough life. Don't get her wrong, sometimes people around her that she cared about just seemed to die but she really just took in all in stride and claimed that she was just one of the unlucky ones. And in that case, it was true.

Her parents for starters were examples. They died when she was four. From what she had been told, her mother, a pureblood, lovely woman from the Valdis/Gaunt line, like to experiment with magic, especially if it sated her husband's curiosity, Damon Riddle.

Now Nirvana's mother, Normandy, experimented all the time. It became her obsession. Day and Night she would spend less time with her youthful young daughter and instead focused on pursuing her magic to its darkest.

Her father, Damon, had noticed what her mother had been doing, and being the 'curious about magic' muggle, he went to investigate. And that's where it all went wrong.

Normandy had dwelved into the darkest of arts, hoping to satisfy that hunger for knowledge which would carry over to her daughter in time.

Nirvana didn't have all the facts on what had happened, only that her mother had made a mistake that had caused in an explosion in her office that would result in the deaths of her parents. After that, Nirvana was sent to live in Malibu's Orphanage for the next two years. It was admittedly awful there. The kids and matrons combined hated magic, and they weren't afraid to let Nirvana know that for the next twenty-four months.

But then, her saviors came in the names of Harleen Embers nee Valdis and Kenneth Lamonte Embers. You see, Harleen was her muggle cousin as her dad was Nirvana dad's brother. Confused? Yeah, so was Nirvana at the time.

It took some time, but her Harleen and her husband had made enough money to get her out of Malibu's and into their care in the United States, Michigan, where life became so much easier for Nirvana Valdis

She didn't have to worry about food, or when she would get to wash her clothes, or if there would be enough hot water, or if she would be hit and bullied again.

No, all that torment was over.

She was happier in Harleen's care. She had actual family who knew of magic, and all that came with it.

They had to move to Surrey when she turned eleven, so she could attend Hogwarts. And that's when things changed. But it wasn't her lovely family. No, it was Nirvana herself who ruined it. Even now, Nirvana Valdis can feel that...thirst, thirst for power, thirst for knowledge, and that desire to make a great name for herself. Often times, her desire would lead to worries with her family. But why did she need them? She didn't. Not when she had books of magic that she could read, and read, and read some more.

After all, knowledge is power.
And Nirvana Valdis would have power, even if it was the last thing she did.

Full name: Nirvana Amora Valdis Riddle
House: Slytherin

Age: 15
Year: First

Faceclaim: Madelaine Petsch

Height: 5'7
Weight: 135 lbs

Eyes: Emerald Green
Hair: Long, waist length, fiery red. Usual style is down and layered. Hard to tame.

Skin: Fair snow pale, has a hard time tanning.
Body Physique: Slim Hourglass, curvy.

Wand: Yew, Dragon Heartstring, 12 inches.
Blood status: Pureblood (descended from the Gaunt/Valdis line)

Theme songs-
Teen Idle by Marina and the Diamonds.
Primadonna by Marina and the Diamonds
Immortal by Marina and the Diamonds.



Wild child.

Nicknames: Nirvy, Goddess, Defiance, Boo.

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