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|| Kacey Amberest ||

*note* any pictures in this backstory are not mine and I found them on Pinterest


❀ Name: Kacey Isabelle Amberest
❀ Date of Birth: June 25th, 2003
❀ Sexuality: Bisexual
❀ Personality: Shy, Sweet, Calm, Friendly, Intelligent, Lover of learning, Insecure
❀ Gender: Female
❀ Nicknames: Kace Face, Kay, Cici, Cakey, Kac, Ace, Shortie


❀ Hair: It's usually straight since she takes her time on getting ready. If you catch her in the morning, it will probably be in a messy bun.(essentially a knot on the top of her head.) It's a light brown color and rather shiny (?).
❀ Eyes: Brown, on the darker side. She shows her emotions through her eyes many times so they often are 'twinkling'.
❀ Height: 5 feet. Yes, she is short. And I'm sorry to say that she will probably not do anything about it if you tease her.
❀ She is a small little bean for sure.

\\Hogwarts info//

❀ House: Ravenclaw
❀ Year: 5th
❀ Wand: Walnut wood with a dragon heartstring core
❀ Patronus: Swan
❀ Blood: Pureblood

\\Other info//

❀ Friendos: Orion Prince (Constellation), Laney, Addison Clarke, Zinnia Cooper, Elara Castro (Lara), Annabeth Granger (Annie), Liam Pierce (Giraffe)
❀ Swearing: Meh.. It depends. Not usually
❀ Punctuation/Capitilization/Spelling/Grammar is also very important.

\\Picture Time!//


~Current Roleplays

Annabeth Granger


Zinnia Cooper


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