Savanna Malfoy


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When I was three my mother was killed in front of me by Lord Voldemort, My older brother Draco rushed to my aid and hid in the closet with me. Before Draco had arrived he watched our father die in our living room when he heard our mother scream that's when he ran upstairs but before he could get to me Lord Voldemort had unsuccessfully tried to kill me. I was left with a scar on my right shoulder blade in the shape of a crashing wave.

I am in the Slytherin House because I choose to follow in my brave parents and older brothers footsteps, sometimes us Slytherin play dirty but we look out for those we care about at all costs. We are survivors.

I'm 5'5 with chestnut brown hair that extends to the bottom of my ribcage, I have box-shaped glasses, I have a large crush on Potter and always have seeing as we are neighbors in the muggle world I know him very well and I always come to my brother Draco Malfoys defense.

Draco is misunderstood, he's not rude and uptight because he wants to be. He's rude and uptight because he's afraid to get hurt, needless to say, but we handled our grief of our deceased parents differently.
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