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★★★ Gorgeous ★★★

The teen who never grew out of the gay phase...I'm starting think it wasn't a phase mom..Lmao ;)

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If you made the mistake of not reading my name already than here it is:
Alfie J Orson.

I've had an account on here before, but that was when the format was completely different and people on here actually played as their character, not some Tumblr or Instagram model you can find on google images.

Anyways, this is me. This is Alfie. ~

Rp Brief~~
Ello, my name is Alfie Jarred Orson. I'm gay and I love it. My parents are hella religious too!
★★★ Not to mention, I'm gorgeous ★★★
Haha just joking, I'm your average gay. If an average gay does exist....

Real life brief~
Ello, my name is Jett, I'm gay and I'm not out! Because just like in my rp brief, my parents are hella religious!!
I'm a timid insecure teenage boy who's desperate to fit in!!! Accept me into your wolf pack!

The basics~

My hair is like colored grass stuck to a weird shaped ball. It moves and alters into different positions, mainly un-cared for but I manage it! My eyes are your nightmares happening all over again, forcing you to focus on nothing but me ;) jk jk.
I'm not tall, though I'm not short. I wish I looked something like Archie off riverdale or something like Joe Sugg...

Clothing Appearance:
Although the old jeans, shirt, vans and a jacket does quite suit me perfectly, I love wearing sweatpants, a hoodie and socks. Just saying. I don't think you have to look your best at all times, you just do it when you want too. On formal occasions, I usually wear combat boots or boots, jeans, a shirt and a blazer. I mean, you can put any shirt on with a blazer...I wear anything clean okay?? Lmao

Yass, I bet you all are wondering what I look like now. Lmao. Face reveals will come.

Me literally taking this photo just for this backstory and possibly to send it to my friends..xD

Well, I'm a soft motherfucker, but I'm also a bitchy unicorn. I like being affectionate, but I like being honest. I'll never hesitate to tell you to pipe down or to stop lying..I like animals, my favorite so far being Baby Caracals...
I can be very anxious. I shake a lot. Just because my insecure little heart goes into panic mode..

I've got two sisters, who just had to be twins. Teegan being the oldest by three minutes and Thea being the youngest. I've also got a baby brother, who thank the gods does not have a twin! He's two years old and has quite the unisex name, oh young Kacey. I've got a mom! xD..Her name is Hadlee and I think she's an architect.... My dad is a rock head and is the typical 'cool dad'. He's always dabbing wrong, trying to impress me and the twins. Always breaking his back whilst trying to whip. Always breaking my sanity with his dad jokes. -_- not cool dad

Animals/Pets: Oh do I wish I had a Caracal..

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✪✪✪Orientations. Pronouns. LGBT Information✪✪✪
I'm attracted to men! Yay!!
I am a male, yes and my pronouns are he/him. And if they do change, I'll let you all know!

☆☆☆Questions people ask me when they first meet me☆☆☆

*When did you first notice you started to like men/boys/males?
Yeah, well, everything happens without an explanation these days, so I guess, I don't really know!

*Have you came out to your parents?
Nope and to be honest, I'd like it to stay that way for a while until I somewhat low key pass on the hints..weird I know..

*Who knows your gay
The individuals who I was extra gay with, if you know what im saying ;) xD Just kidding. But yeah, my ex's, my best friend (which is a female) and my friend who is rarely at school (who is gay as well and lives in a different place)

Things I dislike:
1) When people continuously scream for fun right beside me.
2) When people who say they are fat, clearly aren't
3) Those kids who think they own the school
4) The kind of parents who embarrass you as a punishment
5) The kind of 'friend' that is never there for me (Cuz hey, you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours :D)
6) When people chew with their mouth opens
7) Homophobic slurs
8) Racist slurs
9) Using the term 'Gay' in the wrong term.
There's plenty more but hon, I shall not bore you with negativity...

Look, sweetheart.
I give everyone nicknames. Stranger to the eye or not.
Meet me and your bound to be called one. Babe, love, sweetheart. Or a solid nickname if you will!
For example: Let's say your name is Unicorn, I might call you corny...Idk xD

☆☆☆My passions☆☆☆
Well, I like doing a lot.
I like roasting people and I like helping people.
I like debating and I sports.
I'm a mixed person.
~But here's a basic list~
*Visual Arts
*Photography and Filming (Not like a you-tuber)
*Role playing! (See below for details)
*Poetry and Writing
*Playing the drums
*Eating Subway
*Making people happy (I get the prize for most cliche answer xD)

☆☆☆Role-play details, rules and limits!☆☆☆
I'm not very fussy when it comes to role-playing, although there are rules that I hope you can adapt to if you don't use them already. I'll usually go over my limits and stuff with you before we start the role-play for those who haven't read my backstory. If you do not pass at least half of my criteria below than I won't reply and if I do, it's a link to an article about how bad of an role-player you are. Written by myself. xD
1) Asterisks.
-Some people use asterisks for movements, and if you use them for saying things, then you need a little lesson on a thing called Speech Marks!!
2) Replying or starting with more than three sentences.
-I think if you don't than there's really no point. If you do, it's going to be like a conversation we'd have on a regular day.
3) Putting in the effort
-If you don't than the rule above this one is going to be impossible. Whilst giving effort to do your best, you need to also give effort to put in the details needed without overwhelming the topic. Anything less is sad and I'll know when you haven't tried.
4) Leading
-In any role-play we have, I'd like it to be clear who's leading the scene on. Make it clear, meaning use the fine details.
5) Grammar
-I don't have the best, I'm not going to lie. Although if you don't capitalize your letters in the right place than it's an automatic turn off for me. You'll need to be averagely great with grammar.
6) Communication
-If you have to leave the role-play due to anything (I won't ask you) than tell me instead of clicking the exit. It's rude. (If it's an emergency and you didn't have time, let me know in the morning). If you don't like the roles I have set out for us, tell me and be honest. I'll try my best to make sure we're both satisfied.

A basic bitch blurb about me:

I live in a place where gays try to stay hidden. Meaning, my neighborhood is religious and homophobic and is anti-homosexuality....Right, so that's done...Let's put that aside..
I don't game as much as most teenage boys do, I mean, I'd be fine with selling my ps4 because I never use it. Otherwise, I just make memes and listen to TOP all day long. People ask me if I like K-pop, and well, it's not bad, but it's not the greatest (In my opinion)...As for people I watch on Youtube...I watch Larry, MacDoesIt, xxRyanxx, Joe Sugg, Caspar Lee, Zoella, and the comedic channels. I also watch a bunch of Top 5's and Top Ten's channels..Just when I'm bored. I've told myself that Logan and Jake Paul are just two brothers trying there best to make there mama proud and they chose to do it in front of a camera!
I'm an animal person. As mentioned before, Caracals are a big deal. I also like Giraffes, Lynx's and Zebra's! I'm a basic bitch. Ha, I also don't believe in the tooth-fairy...I mean, come on, imagine all the kids out there who count on this fairy, than nothing shows.
So yeah thats the basic bitch blurb of mine! #BasicBitchesBeSlaying



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