Castiel (Cas)

Angel/Curse Breaker

- If you ever have any trouble with something strange contact me or a Winchester. -

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My father taught me to never be ashamed of who I am, and he taught me to always follow my dreams. When I failed Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms in my second year of Hogwarts, my older siblings rallied together to help me overcome my academic barriers. When I graduated a couple years ago, it was with N.E.W.T.s in not only Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts, but Transfiguration, Ancient Studies and Ancient Runes as well. I started right out with an entry level curse breaking job at Gringotts. I have a lot of fun travelling for my work, and over the summer and holidays when I’m home in London I like to pay forward my sibling’s help by tutoring Hogwarts students. At work I specialize in Weather Modification Charms and Curses.

Yes I'm an angel of the Lord and my brothers and sisters are also angels, along with fallen angels.

I'm friends with Dean, Sam, and Blake Winchester. Along with Bobby Singer and many others.

I do wear a trench coat because that is what my vessel wears.

If you ever need help contact me or a Winchester.

Name: Castiel
Family: Dad (God), brothers and sisters (angels/fallen angels)
{Favorite brother is probably Gabriel}
Species: Angel
Weapons: Angel blade (plus salt and stuff with Sam, Dean, Charlie, and Blake)
Powers: Angel powers
Enemies: Demons
Friends: Dean, Sam, Charlie, Blake, Ariana, Violet, Lucifer (Luci), others to be added...
1. Cas

Vessel (Main) Information:
Name: James "Jimmy" Novak
Family: Wife (Amelia) and daughter (Claire)
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