Erzeel Flamel

Student, Pure Blood

Ello people. Name's Erzeel and I am hoping to meet some new friends. I am a fan of anime, along with harry potter. Hope to meet you all.

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Hi! My name is Erzeel Flamel. I grew up in a small apartment with my step-father since I was born. My mother Lilyana Flamel took my two twin brothers John and Tom Flamel with her when she left my father across America to the UK. Ever since she left my father became an alcoholic and got fired from his job. He was very abusive and home-schooled me, forcing me into work. I worked as a delivery girl for many years to pay for the apartment until one day. I decided I had enough. I packed all my things and ran away from my life to start a new one. Along my journey i met my aunt, Tylain. She passed away about 3 weeks later leaving the house for me. One special day an owl flew through the open window dropping a Hogwarts letter into my lap. I dug around the house searching for any proof of witch or wizardry in my blood. I was searching in my aunts bedroom when I came across a loose floor board. I pried it open and found wands, moving pictures of witches and wizards in my family, old daily profits, bags of galleons and a map of Diagen Alley. I packed all the needed materials and journeyed into my newly discovered life of magic. Now I am searching for new friends and stories to tell. Lets hope my dreams can come true!

Wand: Holly Wand, Unicorn hair 12"
House: Slytherin
Sexuality: Bisexual
Status: Single
Friendship: Any house
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