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Out of character

Age: 23 years

Birthday: april 6th, 1998

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay

Nationality: Dutch

In character 

Character’s full name: George Kenneth DeBoer 
Reason or meaning of name: He his named after his father Kenneth Arthur 
Character’s nickname: Georgie
Reason for nickname:
Birth date: april 5th 

Physical appearance
Age: 16 year in character 
How old does he appear: 17 year 
Weight: 70 kg (154,3)
Height: 1,75 cm (5.9 inch) 
Eye color: Green
Glasses: George wears glasses in class 
Skin tone: White
Distinguishing marks: Birth marks 
Hair color: Blonde
Type of hair: Straight

Sexuality: Gay 
Physical disabilities: None
Jewelry or accessories: Pocket watch

Good personality traits: Loyalty, Honesty, Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness and 
Bad personality traits: Sometimes nervous in class, reckless and stubborn
Mood character is most often in: Mostly happy, but grumpy in the morning 
Character’s greatest joy in life: Making fun with his friend 
Character’s greatest fear: Losing his friends and family
Character is most at ease when: He is with his friends and famil 
Enraged when: He gets enraged when he gets a bad grade
Character’s soft spot: Love and his friends 
Is this soft spot obvious to others? 
Greatest strength: His courage 
Greatest vulnerability or weakness: Letting people go
Character’s darkest secret: None, but maybe in the future 
Does anyone else know?  does not apply at this moment

Drives and motivations: School, helping others and learning new things about the magical world
Immediate goals: Get good grades at his core classes
Long term goals: 


How the character plans to accomplish these goals: Getting good grades at his O.W.L. 

Hometown: London
Type of childhood: He has a great childhood
Pets: Cat, Kneazle and crub
Dream job: Auror or curse breaker 

Current location: Hogwarts
Currently living with: Friends 

Father: Kenneth Arthur DeBoer
Relationship with him: He is close with his dad 
Father: Thomas Watts Jones 
Relationship with him: he is close with is father, but there is a distance 
Siblings: Edwin, Aiden and Alexia 
Relationship with them: He is close with his siblings and he love them very much 

Color: Rainbow
Music: Celtic music and pop music 
Food: Pizza 
Literature: Percy Jackson 
Form of entertainment: Theater 

Hobbies: Reading, walking in the nature
Plays a musical instrument? The piano 
How he would spend a rainy day: reading 

Introvert in class and extrovert with his friends
Logical or emotional? Both
Prefers working
Confident of himself
Animal lover? He loves animals 


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