Dorian Riddle

I am only me.

I love to read, I like the sound of rain, and soothing clasical music, I love the beach, when the water looks like water and not covered in trash.

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Name: First: Dorian (after a character in a book)
Middle: Maurice
Last: Riddle

Age: 14
DOB: Dec. 14, 2003
POB: Riddle House
HC: black
EC: Gray
Fav. Sub. : DADA (Defense Against the Dark arts) + Charms + Transfiguration.
Least Fav. Sub. : Muggle Studies

Back Story:

I'm sure you all know the stoy of Tom Marvolo Riddle, he was born in a orphanige, bcause it was the closest place. His mother was dieing from being Depressed, his father left her because she was a witch, right before he was born. He grew up in the orphanage, and later became Lord Voldemort. He was my brother.

My name is Dorian Maurice Riddle, after my father left Toms mother, he got married to another muggle, so yes I am muggle born. When I got my letter to Hogwarts, my father knew what it was, because he knew what Toms mother was. He thought I was a disgrace to the Riddle name, as he thought of my brother, but my mother was fasinated, I am 14 years old, and I am a wizard.
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