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Name: Coco Cosetti-Myers (rp character)
Blood Status: Half-Blood born (Muggle Father)
Wand: Elm wood with a Unicorn hair core 13 ¼" and Brittle flexibility
House: Hufflepuff
Patronus: Irish Wolfhound
Occupation: Spell Researcher
Aspiration: - To create a world-known spell that will change lives
Favourite class- Astronomy
Number of and Languages Spoken- 4, English (fluent), Irish (intermediate), German (beginner) and French (beginner)
Myers-Briggs- ESFP- The Performer
Enneagram- Type 7- The Epicure
History- (brief down below)

Coco Carol Cosetti-Myers was the second in a long line of children to the two lovebirds Cer Cosetti, a well-known Auror in the Magical world and Ainsley Myers, an accountant. She attended schools in her small town of Kinsale in county Cork in Ireland but her mom got a job in Britain and they moved with her. Coco lived a normal life as a normal girl, the only magical activities known to her being the ones in her storybooks. It was only when she started to research as she entered her early teens that she discovered her magical abilities. It started off small, being able to make coins disappear or shaking tables but it quickly grew and soon enough her dreams came true as the creamy envelope from the most famous magical school came through the doorway. Sorted into Hufflepuff, making friends and attending classes and recreational activities took up so much time that soon enough first year was over, and the next, and the next. Once graduated she went back to study spells and has been ever since, no big discoveries made yet but here's hoping. Back in Hogwarts to study Astronomy, the one course that made more sense then any other she's fully equipped for anything the future has to bring. We'll just have to see what happens................
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