♥ Chloe Granger-weasley ♥

hip hop dance queen <3

Todays song quote~ Theres a lot of bad things that they wishin they wishin they wishin on me

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wand ➵ ebony wood, unicorn hair core, 14 ½ inches, supple flexibility
blood status ➵ half-blood
favorite classes ➵ charms, defense against the dark arts, herbology

Gender➵ Female, obvi!
Age ➵ why would i tell you?
Horoscope ➵ libra (october 5)
Ethnicity ➵ african - american

Name: Irena
Species: Sugarglider
Gender: Female
Age: 4 years

Job➵SHIELD,co founder of #girlbawse,founder of the serpents
Favorite shows ➵ the flash, fuller house, maggie and bianca, game shakers,school of rock,once upon a time,Riverdale,Pretty little liars,cloak and dagger,the good place
Favorite movies ➵ harry potter (all), camp cool kids, wonder,avengers(all),xmen(all)
Favorite colour ➵ pink
Favorite sports ➵ cheerleading
Favorite drink ➵ orange fanta
Favorite songs➵ In my feelings,meant to be,like me better,fancy,focus,made for now,him and i,crazy in love,IDGAF,back to you,how long,friends,issues,boss,good life,strip that down
Night o. or early b. ➵ night owl
Favorite accessories➵ heels,big earrings

Sisters ➵ Katniss Potter, mione (hmu if you want to be one :))
Nicknames ➵ chlo (my sisters only!) ((feel free to add more!))
Sexuality➵ straighter then a pencil!( but it changes in rps!)
Relationship status ➵ crushing!
Do i support the lgbtqT community?
Yes and No. I believe you can love anyone but on thd other hand i just dont know!

/hip-hop dancer\
\love singing/

Matters of importance ➵
moms (yes i have two, have a problem?) ~

Dad ~

Meeting my sisters~

My sister~
(My family is a little complicated!)

Books ~

Dresses my mother has gave me <3 ~

Myself ~

Friends (don't touch!) ~

Quinn foxx
Thanalia Black
·.·★ mione★ ·.·
Sakshi Severus Potter
Katniss Potter
Stefan Salvator
⊰•Lavender Scamander•⊱
Sabrina nightingale
Wanda maximoff (S.W)
(Hmu if i forgot you!)
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