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I was born into a half-blood family, with a magical mother and a Muggle father. My father was a Muggle historian who worked on deciphering dead languages from ancient cultures, while my mother was an Auror who used her training as a magical anthrpologist to solve crimes for law enforcement.

One day, my mother encountered an unknown language while attempting to examine a magical artifact of dubious credibility. Unable to discover the origins of the language from the wizarding community, she requested assistance from the Muggle government and worked with my father. He found out that the language was a poorly constructed version of Hokkien pretty quickly, and my mother was able to judge the item as a fraud.

After getting over her initial embarassment, my mother found out that my father was lecturing a Muggle university and started to attend his classes in disguise during her free time. My father noticed her deception three months into the class, and he approached her about her true identity. After another awkward conversation, the two of them quietly proceeded through the rest of the course before they started dating.

My parents decided that I would attend Muggle school until I turned eleven. While I had an excellent time studying Muggle language and science, I was miserable whenever I was asked to do a physical activity of any time in gym class. Though my parents chalked this down to me being a wizard, after awhile they also noticed I had trouple opening doors or holding pens, and that when I displayed signs of magic, I often ended up stuck in a tree or trapped in a closet. They consulted both magical and Miggle doctors, and I discovered that I had dyspraxia, a condition which gives a person poor motor control.

Though we has no trouble consulting Muggle therapy for the condition, we were unsure how to accomidate the magical side of it. When my letter from Hogwarts came, my mother met with the Headmistress and decided that special accommodation would be given to me in classes, especially in Potions. I was also told not to go near a broom, which was fine-Quidditch never interested me, anyway.

I turned out to be a Hatstall when I arrived at Hogwarts for the first time-the Hat said I could easily fit in all four houses, so it left the decision up to me! I was torn between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, but after I remembered that Hufflepuff's common room was near the kitchens, I recalled the time I tried to cook rice and accidentally ended up setting the oven on fire. I then chose Ravenclaw. I do love learning, anyway. I won't say I'm not intimidated, but I'm very excited!
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