Luna Leigh

Elven Princess student

Hi, I am an Elven Princess witch, studying magic here. My name is Luna Leigh. Owl me if you want to role play. BISEXUAL PRIDE ❤️

  • Joined July 2018
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 0 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United Kingdom


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Welcome to my backstory

~Brief Backstory~
My name is Luna Leigh and I am a witch with a twist. I am also the Princess of Scottish Elves. (I really don't like the English Elven King, he is rather full of himself.) When I got my letter my parents were outraged, the only witch/wizard Elves were evil ones. They thought I was to become evil, too. But I convinced them by doing random good stuff that I wasn't. And I got to come here without being stripped of my title as Princess or being banished from my home.
Don't get me confused with House-Elves. House-Elves are close cousins with Elves. And we will always help each other out if in trouble. My parents don't let me take off my crown, somehow they always know and send an incredibly angry Howler. It has been surprisingly easy to make friends here, no one judges me for always wearing my crown or being an Elf.
My mum is also a very rare Elven Veela. Making me half Veela.
My brother, Sunny, was really jealous of me when he found out I was going to Hogwarts but we are incredibly close. He's my best friend, I trust him with my life. Plus, maybe he'll get his when he's eleven. (He's only a year younger than me)
Name: Luna Leigh
Personality: Smart, funny, sarcastic, cares about the environment, would do anything for family and friends, loves animals, friendly.
Relationships: Draco Malfoy (Golden Trio era), Scorpius Malfoy (Cursed Child era), Sirius Black (Marauders era) Single (AU)
House: Ravenclaw
Looks: ~Profile pic~ light pastel blue hair, crystal blue eyes, pale(ish) skin, pointy Elven ears (duh), the Elven Princess crown and skinny.
Sexuality: Bisexual
Mum: Titania Leigh
Dad: Jackson Leigh
Brother: Sunny Leigh

Here's some IRL drawings!

I couldn't be bothered to draw the sweets in Vanellope Von Schweetz's hair. XD
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