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For those who have started a roleplay with one of my two characters, we may continue with those two. However, any new roleplays will be with Trixie.

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I'm the half sister of Thalia and Jason Grace, born a few months after Jason, when our mother succeeded in capturing the eye of Poseidon, God of the Sea. I was born as a result, meaning that Thalia and Jason are only my Half Siblings. I ran away with Thalia, Luke and Annabeth, and came to Camp Half-Blood. I was only two and, as you can imagine, I stayed with my sister at all times. So I was holding Thalia's hand when she turned into a tree. I think her death possibly affected me more than anyone else.When I found myself surrounded by monsters - Annabeth, Luke and Grover had run for help - I climbed my sisters tree and nestled between the branches. Then, the magical boundaries around the camp strengthened and the monsters couldn't get me. I stayed at the Camp until the age of 10, before leaving. I travelled to England to find something to do and Hogwarts took me in. I am now a protector of Hogwarts who lives in the wild. I have a special ring made from the very pearl from Poseidon's Palace at the bottom of the sea. It turns into the most amazing sword, half celestial bronze, half imperial gold. I use it to fight away any enemy of Hogwarts coming in from the outside. I live in the forest most of the time, though I am planning to return to Camp Half-Blood sometime.

Other RP character: I'm Cherry, a dryad from the wild cherry tree. I'm planted near Hogwarts and I have very powerful nature magic. I can converse with animals, make things grow and, as long as I stay within Hogwart's boundaries, the school has extra magic that keeps out any unwanted people or intruders. I've got pale skin and slightly pointed ears. My hair is a light pink and I wear a dress of the same colour.
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