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Hi I'm Briely Wood. You might know me as the Captain of Gryffindor Quiddich or the loud Gryffindor year 2 that loves Quidditch. Read my backstory. :)

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I was born in the country Scotland and have lived in England sice. I am a half-blood with a muggle mother and a wizard father. I have an older Brother called Riley. I got my mother’s enthusiasm, loudness and her beauty (my dad would say otherwise.) I got my father’s skill, determination and his love for Quidditch. Oh! You’re probably wondering who my parents are well my father is Oliver Wood. The Gryffindor Keeper and Captain while he was at Hogwarts. He taught me everything i know about the wizarding world and all the things i know about Quidditch. I love Quidditch and EVERYONE who knows me would say that (especially Nym, Alexis and Hazel) I was 8 when i discovered i had magical ability. I was watching one of my father’s Quidditch practices and i was watching up in the stands (the VERY top) when i wandered over to the edge. Whoops! Too far forward. I went tumbling down, down, down. I closed my eyes tight and heard swirling sounds around me. I forced my eyes open then noticed i was floating. FLOATING! My father had his arms around me and he was nearly crying. He said they were happy tears but i think they were tears of fear. Fast forward 4 years and now I’m at HOGWARTS. It’s so exciting here. I have made so many great friends and learnt the coolest things. And GUESS WHAT! I’m in Gryffindor. My roommates are so kind and they are my best friends here. I even made friends with some Ravenclaws. Alexis (Alexis CLearwater) is SOOOOOOOO smart and we are great at helping each other out. My roommate HAzel (Hazel Vexx) is so funny but she is the most caring person in our dorm. Then there’s Nym (Nymphadora Moon) she is the BEST friend that you could have here.She also loves Quidditch. She knows so much and she is such a cheeky person (maybe that’s why were besties) Mum thinks she is my lost sister even though she only had two kids. I am also Gryffindor's Official teams Keeper and now their Captain. GO GRYFFINDOR
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