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My mother is Rose Carter and my father is Jason Carter. Rose and Jason were in the same year as the mauraders. Rose was best friends with Lily and Severus but also close friends with James, Sirius, Peter, and Remus. Sirius had a crush on Rose but she ended up with Jason. When I was born, Voldemort killed my dad for standing up to him. My mother was also about to be killed but a produced a force field and kept the killing curse away. My mother, then apparated out. My mother is a famous singer and actress in the muggle world. But when I was born, she stopped her career in the muggle world and went back into the wizarding world. She became a famous singer in the wizarding world and everyone knows her. They know me too because of how famous my mother was. But I barely got to see my mom since she was always busy with her career. So she asked her best friend, Severus Snape, to help take care of me. So Severus basically took care of me until I was 4. Severus had a job at Hogwarts and couldn't take care of me during that. So he had the Malfoys help take care of me. My mother and the Malfoys liked each other so my mother said it would be a great idea. So I spent most of my life with the Malfoys, and grow very close with their son who was my age, Draco malfoy. We became best friends although I often thought he was rude. I had tons of money in both the wizarding and muggle world, so I could take care of myself as I grew older. But I still went to the Malfoys a lot. During the summer, I would go back home and Severus and my mom would be home. My mom left on and off but Severus usually stayed. He usually kept to himself though except when my mom was home. He and my mom told many stories about they're time in Hogwarts and taught me many things. Draco malfoy taught me how to ride a broomstick. When it was time to go to Hogwarts, i got sorted to Gryfinndor. and now I am starting my classes. Im close to Harry Potter and his friends as well as the rest of gryfinndor. I sense Draco's jealous, he's been very rude to my friends. But oh well. Time for my first year at Hogwarts!!! Love y'all.
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