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Name: Steven Grant "Steve" Rogers

Aliases: Nomad, Captain America, Cap, The First Avenger,
'Capsicle' (according to Tony)

Age: 100 (biologically 33)

Status: Alive

Born in 1918 to Sarah and Joseph Rogers (who had passed
fighting in WWI), I grew up sickly and constantly in need of
care. Fortunately, I met my best friend James Buchanan "Bucky"
Barnes when I was very young, and he had taken care of me
ever since. No matter how many times I tried to refuse his
help, he was always there to brush off my rejection and
continue helping anyway. When my ma died in 1936, I soon
realised that even when I had nothing, I had Bucky. Being a
sickly, size-challenged guy, I was naturally bullied for my
stature. Unfortunately, I could never back away from a
fight, and Bucky often had to save me from multiple thugs.
It was with Bucky, in an art class a year after my mother had
passed, that I discovered America had joined World War II.
My best friend and I immediately wanted to be enlisted, to
fight against the Nazis. He trained me for two whole weeks,
Before we went to a US Recruiting and Induction Center to
sign up. Sadly, I was classified as 4F, and rejected from joining
the army. I was disappointed when Bucky was later enlisted. I
became even more determined to join after hearing about
Adolf Hitler, and what he had inflicted upon the world. I hate
bullies to this day. After multiple false enlistment forms, a man
by the name of Abraham Erskine offered me a chance. I was
to be enlisted in an experiment called "Project Rebirth", which
would give me a chance to join in the WWII efforts. I trained
as hard as I could to prove myself worthy of the cause and
Erskine decided that I was the right candidate. He claimed
that it was because I was inherently a good man. I proceeded
with the experiment, which turned me into a "super soldier";
meaning that my senses and physical abilities were heightened,
including gaining an entirely new physique. My entry into
the war was postponed, however, when Erskine was killed by
a Nazi spy. I became a performing monkey for the people -
"America's Golden Boy", advertising the War in a positive
light. This all changed when Margaret "Peggy" Carter, who
I had become quite close with, convinced me that I was worth
more. Howard Stark, the man who had helped with my procedure,
became an ally, and he gave me my uniform and weapon of
choice- a shield made of vibranium. I set about recovering lost
soldiers, including Bucky, from a HYDRA base in Austria. I was
relieved to find my best friend alive, along with other soldiers.
When escaping, Bucky and I ran into Johann Schmidt, also known
as the Red Skull - HYDRA's leader. He managed to escape that
time, but he was later defeated by his own weapon: the Tesseract.
After meeting Schmidt for the first time, I was cleared to take down
HYDRA bases, with my best friend at my side. Nothing could have
made me happier, but I was struck with heartbreak when Bucky fell
from the side of a train on one of our missions. This made me
more determined than ever to destroy HYDRA. In the last
showdown with the Red Skull, he was defeated, but the only
way I could stop the bombs that he had set to destroy multiple
cities, was to drive the ship into the Arctic. I thought it would
be my last moments on Earth.
This was proved wrong when I woke up in the twenty-first
century after almost seventy years of being preserved in ice.
I missed Bucky and Peggy terribly, and struggled to adjust to
the new age. The director of S.H.I.E.L.D, Nick Fury, wanted me to
conduct missions, and I obliged, distracting myself with the thing
I knew how to do best. I later learned that Peggy was still alive,
and visited her on occasion. I joined the Avengers with Tony Stark
- Howard's son and Iron Man; Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk and
Thor. We were to protect the earth from major threats, including
Thor's brother, Loki, who had unleashed an army of extra-terrestrials
on New York. We sent Loki back to where he came from (Asgard)
with Thor accompanying him. Other missions included taking down
HYDRA bases once again, but I later learned that S.H.I.E.L.D had
been compromised by those very same villains. Working with
Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) and Sam Wilson (Falcon), we
tried to find a way to fight this terrible problem. HYDRA
had unleashed their secret weapon on us - The Winter Soldier.
TWS had shot Fury attempting to kill him, but before he died, he
entrusted me with a very important hard-drive which contained
S.H.I.E.L.D and HYDRA secrets alike. Nat, Sam and I worked together
to take down HYDRA, but when the Winter Soldier's identity was
revealed to be Bucky Barnes - who I thought to be dead - I was
both overjoyed and extremely confused.

(Continuing later)
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