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Writer, Daydreamer, crazy for Transfiguration, and is super stoked to be here at Hogwarts.

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I was the only Ravenclaw in my half-blood family, apart from my father, Royce Echosong. My mother, Kira Ectora, was a Muggle. They both met when my father casted the Patronus Charm, saving her soul. Eventually, they fell in love and had 6 children, including me, Phoenix.

My first sister, Terra, and brother, Perseus, are Slytherins. My second sister, Ophelia, and second brother, Lucas, are Gryffindors, and my youngest brother, Logan, was a Hufflepuff. I was one of the rare Hat Stalls, where my sorting took nearly 7 minutes.The Hat was torn between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, though it was adamant on sending me to Slytherin at first. I am planning on being an Auror when I grow up, as I have an aptitude for Transfiguration and Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Cool facts about me and my siblings:

I have a birthmark on my right cheek in the shape of a phoenix, therefore my name. Our family all have birthmarks on our right cheek other that my parents. Terra has a Dragon, Perseus has a Basilisk, Ophelia has a Thestral, Lucas has a Hippogriff, and Logan has a Centaur. We are all proud of it, but have no idea when these birthmarks appeared, and why we have them.

My grandfather is a Metamorphagus, and I inherited that trait! Usually, you can see my hair turn into a vivid blue, my favourite color! Only Logan, Ophelia, and Perseus inherited that trait along with me. Sorry, Terra and Lucas!

Perseus is a registered Animagus who can turn into a, you guessed it, snake. Terra is learning, but not quite there yet! (She is still on her 3rd week of Mandrake leaf-sucking!)

Terra can understand Parseltongue, but not speak it. Its crazy, and mildly disturbing.

Lucas used to love to slip trick sweets and wands to Logan and me. He stopped after I hexed him and he got a pig snout and horse hooves. He needed to go to Madam Pomfrey to get those removed!

Ophelia's Patronus is a Swan, and she loves to conjure it just to see it flit around her.

I am currently trying to figure out how to make the Patronus Charm able to block the Killing Curse, aka the Avada Kedavra. I have a theory that if you just do something to the Patronus, the Killing Curse will hit the Patronus instead of you if you conjure it before the curse hits you!

Logan is technically not a Metamorphagus. He can only make little sparkly shapes appear on his cheeks whenever he feels a strong emotion.

Lucas is crazy for Celestina Warbeck. Yuck.

My parents considered naming me Celestia. Nice.

My original hair colour was the lightest golden-brown.

Terra, though in Slytherin, is surprisingly soft and kind. She is my favourite sister.

Perseus is a looker, but prefers books to girls.

Logan is always owled by girls during the holidays. HE'S 10 AND HASN'T EVEN BEEN TO HOGWARTS YET.

Ophelia once got me a centaur bow and a jar of Acromantula venom for my birthday present (I loved it) but the only thing she said about where she got it from was the Forbidden Forest. Wow.

I love Transfiguration, and can't wait to become an Animagus like Terra and Perseus.

My Wand: Hornbeam, Thunderbird Feather, 14 1/2 Inches, Unyielding
My House: Ravenclaw (I was sorted into Slytherin multiple times but I identify as a Ravenclaw so there sksksks)
My Age: First-Year
My Gender: Female

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