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Hi,I am Hiya Debnath,studnt at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.M a diehard HP fan,though I started reading it quite late and HP's my crush

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Hi,this is Hiya and I am at my first year at Hogwarts.When I recieved my admission letter i was extremely delighted as if a lifelong dream was realised and a fairytale I loyally believed in come true,as I always knew within my heart,that I had magic so it would have been a disappointment if the Hogwarts letter hadn't turned up after all.I was sorted into Gryffindor house after a lengthy consideration by the sorting hat,which also asked me my preference of house along with its own judgement in making its decision.It said I was extremely wise,a Ravenclaw feature and that I would best fit in Ravenclaw, however I had the loyal goodness of the Hufflepuff house as well.Thus,the hat found it difficult to decide my house,though it leaned toward Ravenclaw for me.When asked my preference,I replied Gryffindor as I wanted to be brave enough to achieve whatever I set my mind on and want to be and also inspired by Harry Potter, Hermione,Ron and their strong characters,so the hat decided to give what I asked,saying I was fit enough for it.I am loving most of the classes here like charms,potions,defence against the dark arts, herbology and care of magical creatures. I am really looking forward to Divination and Arithmancy in the coming years.I think I don't like Madam Hooch's class much as I have always been less interested in physical activities and sports.Charms is my favourite subject followed by Defense against the Dark arts.I did well in potions and History of Magic though I admit I don't like them that much.I am a half-blood born to a squib father and a muggle mom,and thus my parents,my mom being
completely unaware of the wizarding world and my dad being less involved with it leading a normal muggle like life being a squib,succeed in very less interference in my life in here at Hogwarts.However they generously send me here that I may build my career and a future for myself in what I can do.My dad,a squib,has news about the wizarding world but interests himself less in these matters,hence my parentage has never mattered much in the wizarding world other than my quiet life at home during the holidays ,a few jeers and snide comments from bullies for no reason,and the sudden fear of attacks during You Know Who's rise in the UK which kept my father paranoid about the family's safety for quite a few days.However we faced no such attack.My greatest strength is my will and determination to learn and to improve constantly,a love for knowledge and curiosity,my love for magic,my power to analyse every situation,my creativity,and perhaps my dreamy nature.My weaknesses include a little lack of confidence,failure to recognise my talents to the fullest extent and thus to exploit my potential and some luxury lovingness and laziness.However I am fiercely loyal and disciplined and love Hogwarts though I wouldn't mind breaking some rules for harmless fun or for a bigger purpose at hand.When I finish school,I am looking forward to being a minister of magic(education) or minister of magic of something easy such as magical transportation or muggle artifacts.It would also be fun to be an auror if it didn't involve mortal danger.However if things don't really turn well by extreme bad luck,I wouldn't mind being a Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley shopkeeper either.I feel that the most fascinating aspect of magic is the beautiful things it can do,influenced more by the person's personal ability rather than relying upon a rigid set of rules or things to learn and the interesting things that happen or maybe invented and,as I am sure,the immense possibilities left to be curious about and to be explored.I would love to use magic to help people in the world both the wizarding community and the muggles,and I really want to be a great witch with a strong,brave and good character.My pet is a snow owl,snowy white in colour named Snowfluffy,I couldn't decide between Snowflakes and Fluffers or Fluffy owing to her snow white colour and the cuddly fluffy cushionball like texture of her fur,so I merged the names into Snowfluffy.She is an extremely loyal and beautiful owl who knows and loves her work and is fiercely obedient and humble,almost a good understanding friend and loves me a lot.She loves to eat and is very naughty on the prospect of asking for extra food though she wouldn't steal too much as much to the point of annoyance.She pecks me affectionately and loves a good long cuddle,a pat,or a slight running a hand down her back and loves luxury. I retire to my home for my holidays where I am treated well and pampered with love and where the atmosphere is one of total family attachment and understanding and love and from where I am sent back to Hogwarts at the end of every holiday urgently and positively by parents wanting me to be my best. ...
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