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Lux Essex was the only son of his muggle-born witch mother from Singapore, and half-blood wizard father from England, who worked as an Auror in the Auror Department, Ministry of Magic. An infamous dark wizard hid at the country of Singapore from the northern England, leading Lux's father to go to the said country in order to catch the dark wizard, as it was his mission. There Lux's both parents met and later married each other and temporarily lived at the Singapore. Lux was born at the village of Aberton, Essex, England.

At the age of 5, Lux knew that he wasn't normal due to the fact that he used to emit burst of energy which he knew that it couldn't happen normally, until the confession of his both parents that he was a wizard.

His father left his family to vouchsafe an assistance to the Second Wizarding War, though the Ministry failed to officially announce it earlier. Lux's father unfortunately died during the War, as Voldemort noticed his father's excellency to eliminate numerous Death Eaters on his own. Lux was heartbroken and planned to set out in search of his own brand of justice, yet his realization that he couldn't claim it on his young age.

To escape the fear, Lux's mother moved alongside her left treasure son to the village of Gordes, France. His mother rebuffed all her neighbours. On the other hand, due to Lux's desire to give justice to his father's death on his own secretly, he convinced his mother to allow him to enroll at the Beauxbatons Academy to learn magic and how to control it, and so he was permitted.

He started schooling at the Beauxbatons Academy on his 11 years of existence. He was frequently bullied, but recollecting his promise to his mother to avoid being into troubles and make her proud. Lux is an honor student and became known for saving his classmate's life against a Pogrebin during the session of Care of Magial Creatures class outside the school before their Professor knew that there was a Pogrebin.

One unfortunate day, two 5th Year students forcibly brought Lux into a private place and maltreated him. The stated students had received 2 weeks of detention. Moreover, although Lux wanted to deny to his mother what unluckily happened to him, he couldn't, as the done violence onto him was very evident, resulting his mother to decide letting Lux stop attending school and suddenly finished only half of the school year.

After a year, Lux and his mother moved to the village of Godric's Hollow and started living a simple and decent life, despite of the evocative happenings into their young family. From which, Lux gradually changed his goal, and that was to be a great wizard like his both parents.

Lux found and earned a trustworthy friend, Mara Bagshot. His friend, introduced him the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, wherein she's planning to school at. Once again, Lux's mother allowed him to attend the school upon receiving the pleasant invitation from Hogwarts.

Lux delightedly attended the school together with his best friend. He was sorted into the Ravenclaw house, in which his best friend was also in, and, fortunately, both of them are currently 1st Year.

Lux likes Defense Against the Dark Arts, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, Astronomy and Transfiguration courses. In his spare time, he's probably at the library, reading books. Aside from his both parents, Lux idolizes Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore for his bravery, excellency, knowledge, skills, achievements and sacrifices. Lux strongly and highly believes that Albus was the most powerful wizard of all time, as he had the capability to defeat the one of the most powerful dark wizards, his former best friend Gellert Grindelwald and the only wizard whom Tom Marvolo Riddle ever feard of.
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