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you sleep to escape, but are greeted by nightmares, you wake up, in hopes of escaping, but are greeted by terrible things, why not just end it all?

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- blue can mean so much to so many people, but all i see is sadness -

name → look at the top, sherlock
age → 16
romantic preferences → male and female
godly parent → poseidon

pearl roberts, a strange girl. aged sixteen with long blond to brown hair and bright green eyes. she was smart, according to her report card. she had to be, or else she would look bad. pearl was short with a figure that looked so twig-like it looked like she could be snapped in half. her eyes tended to wander, as if they could never stare at you for more than five seconds. pearl is overprotective of her friends and loved ones. she sticks for them, and herself. you don’t want to get on her bad side. pearl grew up in a small house as an only child. her mom was a stay at home, and her dad worked a lot. she loved the simple things in life, like when it rained or snowed. her favorite thing to do was read. at school one day at the age of seven, she was mad at her teacher because they were teaching social studies. she looked at the water fountain, and thought ‘i wish you could drench the teacher’, and to her surprise, it did! at age nine, she accidentally flew up onto the roof! when her letter arrived, she cracked up and said “haha, very funny, you can come out now.” now she is a sixth year at hogwarts and goes to camp half-blood in the summer.

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what people in the backup feed thought of me. “xtra bland, xtra salty, xtra depressed” - me "Pearl? Oh, she's neat." -Rowan ★★★★☆ "She''s sad, depressed but simply the best" -Rhi ★★★★★★★★ "Never talked to her, but I like her aesthetic." - Madrid ★★★★ "is it possible to tear all the stars off the sky for her?" - anna (((a load of stars)))

more to be added (hopefully)
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