Bonnie J. Carter

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"you're just like other men, only more so"

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Full Name: Bonnie Jayne Carter
Aliases: Bo, Bon, Det. Carter
Age: 28
Date of Birth: November 2nd, 1914
Zodiac: Scorpio
Current Year: 1942
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Occupation: Detective Chief
Income: Upper-middle class
Sexuality: Bicurious
Marital/relationship status: Single
Native language: English
Accent: Transatlantic/ Mid-Atlantic
Speech Pace: Fast

Physical traits:
Height (ft.): 5'5
Weight (lb.): 113
Waist (in.): 27.5
Bust (in.): 36.5
Body type: slim
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Jet black
Skin tone: Rosy
Face shape: Oval
Grooming: Tidy

Personal traits:
Demeanor: Curious, Collected,
Doubtful, Sharp, Charismatic
Positive Traits: Smart-Witted,
Confidant, Fiercely Loyal & Trustworthy,Independent
Negative Traits: Critical, Unforgiving,
Stubborn, Hides Her True Emotions, Restless,
Habits: Smoking & Drinking
Skills: Debate, Analysis, Creative solutions
Faults: Connecting With Others, Handling the Past
Mother: Diane Carter
Father: Bruce Marshall Carter
Discomforts: Crowds, Partying, Relaxing
Comforts: Whiskey, Writing
Mental Health: Severe Insomnia
Personal Philosophy: "I don't live for pleasure,
I live to make ends meet and know the truth"
Political alignment: Patriotic, Traditional

Role play rules:
•Reasonable grammar
•No one-liners
•No asterisks
•3rd person if possible
•Advance the plot

Face Claim: Lauren Bacall

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