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Growing up in a small, isolated town, my family never had enough. My father worked 24/7, and I would find all the work I could around the town. We may have been poor, but we were happy. Until it happened. My father had left the house before I woke up. He left a note saying he was off for a quick job and that he would be back soon, but when the door knocked in the afternoon, instead of seeing my loving father, I saw the guards. They asked where he was, and when I said I didn't know, they shook me and told me I was lying. I showed them the note, but they said that I could have written it. They seemed convinced that there was more to it, and that I needed some persuading. I was terrified. They advanced on me, But as I screamed they were thrown against the walls by an unknown force. I wasn't going to wait to see what it was. I sped through the doorway and ran. I didn't care where I went, as long as it was away. I don't know how long I hiked away from the town, terrified that they would come to get me. The hunger was almost unbearable, and I was near collapse when a castle appeared on the horizon. It lay near the shining waters of a lake and was majestic and enticing in a way I could not understand. I didn't think about what the consequences may be but instead dragged myself towards the building. Later I would find out that this castle was Hogwarts, and it was a school for witchcraft and wizardry. Looking back, I probably used my magic in a panic when the guards attacked. I didn't know that magic existed before a man with a beard and half-moon spectacles hurried up to me as I collapsed at the gates of Hogwarts
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