*i don’t speak portugueese, only americanish.* why love when you can hate? why live when you can die?

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here’s a balloon for you


i can be poetic too, you know!


name : andy

age : ninety three million, two hundred seventeen thousand, four hundred eighty one.

sexuality : straight

gender : extra salty potato chip

just to let you know,

rules of this wall :

you: w-wait you have rules? oh, shit i’m out. i came here for the try-hard aesthetic and a good laugh, not this.

me: oh, yeah. i’m really weird.



be kind

have fun

be yourself

swear if you want, but be careful who you do it in front of

feel free to rant to me

spread kindness


use the ‘c’ or ‘n’ word

harass or make someone feel uncomfortable

be mean


are you dead yet?

well, if you’re not, let’s learn about me.

i like

to eat apples and bananas


the internet

fast wifi


saying oof

trying to be aesthetic

percy jackson

i dislike...


sexist people

rude people

slow wifi



spiders (with the exception of lucas)

everyone in gryfindor except for neville the pure bb

faceclaim : g hannelius

blow a kiss, fire a gun


i made all of this.

all credit goes to google images, and imgur for my images.

I know i’m bad at this, but i try.

goodbye, now.

see you in your nightmares
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