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Personal Information:
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Wand: Holly, Unicorn Hair Core, 12 1/4 Inches and Surprisingly Swishy
Patronus: Manx Cat
Pet: A Tawny Owl Named Sid

After figuring out my father was not only a wizard, but a dark wizard my muggle mother and I fled Australia to live in London. After a year of hiding, my Hogwarts letter arrived which was one of the happiest moments of my life as not only would it take my mind off my father, I could feel safe once again. Now I could focus on school and becoming my dream job, The Minister of Magic. But all that changed when the sorting ceremony began and two other girls with the last name Lestrange came up to be sorted. Knowing they were trouble I did everything in my power to stay far away from them until I got an owl explaining everything with an unknown address and the name that signed it was 'Dad'. I had just realised I had two sisters I had never known about and I didn't want to believe it but yet deep down, I knew it was true. I was part of a bigger family than just my mum and I... I was part of the Lestrange family. Wanting to prove that I was not just the cousin of the Lestrange family I continued with my ambition of becoming the Youngest Minister of Magic yet and creating the Dark Wizard Reform Program. My first targets will be all the dark wizards in the Lestrange family so I can change the reputation of the family name and not be known as a 'disgrace to Hufflepuff' and 'A dark wizard waiting to happen'.

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