Robyn Longswood


"I totally saved your life. And I'm pretty certain it was caught on tape." --Spencer Reid

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I am a Slytherin, when wearing the hat, the hat stated that I was cunning and ambitious, it also said that I was loyal and smart. It took about 2 minutes for the hat to decide between Ravenclaw and Slytherin. I prefer Potions and Transfiguration over most classes, and it's pretty helpful that I'm good at them too. I absolutely hate Divination and History of Magic. I also dislike Muggle Studies, I already know everything, it's too boring; however, I did pass. I am a muggle-born, one of the only ones sorted into Slytherin, I'm actually quiet proud of it. At first my housemates didn't exactly like me, but I proved myself when I won us the house cup. I'm perceptive, I've always been able to read people pretty easily. I have a bad self-image, I think that no one likes me, I feel like I'm unwanted and unneeded. I hope to become a successful business woman. That the wand chooses the wizard/witch, it's almost like a spiritual connection you have with it. I'd rather use it to my advantage with small stuff, like making food or washing the dishes, Mrs. Weasley style. I want love more that anything, I want someone who tells me that they love me, they mean it and I know they do. I have a black cat named Gypsy, she's shy and likes to cuddle, but when she's mad you'll know it. My family is all muggle, my parents seem as normal as can be, but really, my mom tried to kill herself when I was born, I was an accident; my dad almost left us because of me but something, probably my mom's depression, stopped him.
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