Irene Sol

She is a mystery like Hogwarts

I memorized a poem by a poet wise and dead and now sometimes I hear her voice reading in my head. Her poem swirls my soul with a spirit song and sound

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||•|| Irene doesn't know who she is, all that she knows was that she one day woke up in an orphanage all alone. Growing up was especially difficult for Irene, she only knew her name and the rest of her life was in scattered pieces all over the place. One thing was for sure to anyone who met her. Irene was a mystery left yet unsolved. She always had dreams of this gorgeous castle and everyone there did magic, little did she know that someday she would end up there, Irene had always thought that the castle was her little get away escape from reality and now that she is in the castle having received her letter. She was quite ecstatic to finally be here and doing the thing she loves most. Learning and exploring the mysteries of Hogwarts. ||•||

||•|| Lesbian ||•||

||•|| she can be very shy, she is generous and kind and helps those in need, sometimes she feels like she was meant to be in another house but the hat put her in Slytherin, goal oriented she tries her best to reach her goals, nothing can stop her when her determination mode kicks in, she will love someone with all her heart and be there for them but she has had trouble finding someone who would accept her for her past, present and future, as much as she loves to be near people, she just needs time to herself to relax and let loose ||•||

||•|| looks ||•||
||•|| Long dirty blonde hair, ocean blue eyes that look like waves crashing onto the shore, pink plump lips, very tan, hour Glass figure, she is 5'5 ||•||

||•|| wand ||•||
||•|| larch wood, 12 1/4 in length, phoenix feather core, rigid flexibility ||•||

||•|| has a pet snake and owl, the snake is a dark green with silver eyes , her owl is black with gold eyes ||•||

||•|| relationship status ||•||
||•|| engaged to the amazing Amber Coyle ||•||

||•|| her best friends are Lauren malfoy, Calladora Black, Onyx, Clara Wreath ||•||

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