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Good whatever-you-are-in-right-now! I'm really excited to be attending Hogwarts, and I hope to maybe meet you too! Have fun!

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Parents and Backstory


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<body>I was sorted into Gryffindor. My mother was from Gryffindor but my father was from Slytherin. I am a Pureblood, with my father being a Pureblood and my mother being a Muggleborn. My mother was, I believe, the first on her side of the family to go to Hogwarts. My father's family has always gone to Hogwarts. I was not a Hatstall, but an immediate decision, much to my father's dismay. He had an ongoing bet with my mom on which house I would be sorted into. I enjoy all classes, but especially Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, and Charms. I am looking forward to seeing my mother again once the school year ends and showing off my Transfiguration skills to her, as she absolutely adored Transfiguration with Professor McGonagall. After I finish school, I would love to be a teacher, or even an Auror! My greatest strength is persistence, as I never give up, especially when I want something like a Pumpkin Pasty. My greatest weakness is Pumpkin Pasties. Something is definitely wrong if I turn down a Pasty. The most fascinating part of magic is Charms and Transfiguration. I would love to use magic to help others, as I hate seeing my friends in pain. I have a fish and a cat. Both stink at delivering messages. But they are both sooo adorable!!</font color>





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Sam · Harry Potter Music & Ambience Gryffindor Common Room



<font color=#cc33ff>The ambient noises currently playing aren't the ones I normally go to! I prefer to take some off of Youtube, specifically Ambient Worlds. The background noise video is below!</font color>


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