Andra Rosario-Promise

That special nobody

"Cause when the villains fall, the kingdom never weeps" ---Dear Evan Hansen

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~Name: Andrameda Ria Havana Lynn Rosario-Promise

~Nicknames: Andra -Myself
Andviva -Kaelynn

~Age: Varies

~Sexuality: Bi

~House: None but claims Ravenclaw yet
Slytherin at heart

~Personality: Ruthless and intelligent, revenge seeker but broken and romantic at heart

~Achievements: Yule Ball runner-up Queen, closest minor to a successful revival spell

~Boggart: Weakness

~Patronus: Bat

~Pet: A black owl with blue feather tips named Quinn

~Race: Raised American, mother was Latina, father was british

*Parents: David Promise and Marisol Rosario-Promise (both deceased)
*Siblings: Lucas Promise (deceased)
*Cousins: Dani Rosario, Maya Gomez(deceased), Mateo Gomez, Ann Promise, Vinnie Koch

Face Claim: Emily Rudd

long black or brown hair,

with bright green eyes.
Clear, pale skin.

Moderate pink lips.

If we're being honest, quite beautiful

Has majestic white angel wings from a curse that could not be be reversed. She hides them, almost never shows them, even when alone.

Plenty of scars hidden on her body from the war

Age varies. (typically 15)


American accent.


Quick Backstory:
Andra's parents were David Promise, a pureblood British, and Marisol Rosario-Promise who had lived in South America then got a letter and moved to London, where she met David. After graduation, they moved back to South America and had Lucas Promise, Andra's older brother. Andra was born in South America, but then moved with her parents and older brother to America, New York. Her family engaged in a big war and were brutally murdered. Andra was 5 years old at the time. She ended up homeless in the streets of New York, and loved to sneak into the Broadway musicals to watch them. She then was forced to leave America she decided to run away and then boarded a cruise ship to London. She never got a letter because she was thought to be dead. She lived in a tower in Hogwarts until she was about 15 years old, then got disovered by headmaster Dumbledore

My friends: (Want on here? Earn it.)

Ambrosia Willows(well she like my frenemy)

Rose-Jane Potter (always sitting under a tree)

Livius-cant-pronounce-his-last-name (Hopkirk?)

Calladora Black (a compassionate Slytherin)

Tempest Sorrows (my rp buddy)

Rose Ravenwood (Temptest's other profile)

Rayven (Dating Temptest)

B r o o k e (cute)
and her brother...
Draco (also cute)

❄Hope❄ (same face claim)

Kaelynn (my new bud)

m a r n i e (scream)

Jadi (MY other profile)

More Info:
Never got sorted


Parents died in a war

Can hurt people easily

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