Caitlin Lovegood


Hogwarts House : Hufflepuff, Patronus : Doe, Wand : Pine Wood With A Uniorn Hair Core 12 1/4" And Unyeilding Flexibility. XX

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i was sorted into Hufflepuff, i think the sorting hat made this selection because i am kind, loyal, and caring. my desision was immediate. my favourite subject would probably be care of magical creatures. the class i liked the least would be... divination. i always did well in defence against the dark arts but i did not really enjoy it. i am a half blood. because of my blood status most people have treated me kindly and i have made alot of friends, but some people have been rude to me. luckily Voldemort had been killed in the battle of hogwarts before i arrived, but my mother was there and she tells me it was awful. my greatest strength would be that i see the best in people and i try my hardest to bring it out of them. but sometimes that can also be my weakness. after i have finished school i would like to do something involving magiccal creatures. i want to use my magic to help others. my parents are divorced, so i have pet in each of there houses, i have a hippogriff in my mother's house and i have a dog in my dad's house. my hippogriff's name is lily and my dog's name is millie.
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