Bryce Delaya

Student, Death Eater, Mudblood

I am the daughter of Tomura Shigaraki and Touya Todoroki. My name is Terra Todoroki, but I go by Bryce Delaya. I am also Bi and Poly.

  • Joined January 2019
  • Member of Slytherin
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  • 1st Year
  • Australia


My story is actually kinda funny. My parents' names are Tomura Shigaraki and Touya Todoroki. You may know them as the leader of the League of Villains, and Dabi. And you may also think to yourself; A) Why don't you have the same last name as your parents? and B) Those your "parents" are fictional characters! I just want to say that, I was taken from my own dimension and transported to this "Magic" school. I grew up with the power to turn into a white wolf, I can produce Black flames from my hands, feet, and mouth, and I had no idea that I had any other sort of "magic". I come from a place where we call "magic" quirks, and they are normal. 80% of the population have quirks where I come from! There are quirks that, make you grow tall or shrink down to size, create things with the carbohydrates in your body, or, like my father Tomura, disintegrate things with only the touch of five fingers! There are even quirks that can, I hear, make you smarter the more tea you drink!!! Honestly, Bryce Delaya isn't even my real name, it's what I call my "Wizarding Name"! My real name is; Nagito Todoroki. I am an only child who knows everything about being a double agent! I work for the LoV, but I also go to the famous UA high as the claimed "UA Traitor"! It isn't the nicest name, but I deal with it. If I say anymore I may be told that I can't go to this school anymore, or spill info I'm not supposed to! Bye for now!

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