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Isobel or Izzy for short. Gryffindor. Love of cats and Quidditch. DADA. Tattoos

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My name is Isobel. I come from a strong line of pureblood Slytherins, the Thornhearts, my great grandmother was a powerful dark witch who was a Metamorphmagus. Whilst i show signs of inheriting her abilties i am yet to learn how to control the powers

When i attented Hogwarts i was sorted into Gryffindor which caused my family to banish me. I managed to track down a distant relative, my Cousin, Raine Shadowalker, a previous Slytherin hogwarts student who had disappeared not long after finishing her last year, she had ran away to marry a muggleborn Hufflepuff student she had attended Hogwarts with and subsequently banished for tainting the family bloodline. She had welcomed me as soon as she found out i had been sorted into Gryffindor and disowned by our own family

I now live with her and her husband, Oberon Shadowalker. They had offered for me to take their name which i gratefully accepted. Oberon is a Quidditch player and Raine works as a curse breaker. She has an aptitude for charms and transfiguration which she has taught me the basics. When i wasn't learning magic i would go play Quidditch with Oberon and his team

My favourite class is defence against the dark arts

Though i have been sorted into Gryffindor my best friend at school is a misunderstood Slytherin student.

Wand: Hawthorn wood, dragon heartstring core, 12.5 inches long, slightly yielding flexibility

Patronus: Lioness

Pet: Maine Coon Cat
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